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Petrol Saving Tips

You’re no doubt feeling the pinch from ever increasing petrol prices. Here are some simple tips that can reduce your fuel consumption and in turn, the impact on your hip pocket.

Pump up your tyres
Under inflated tyres increase resistance which can negatively impact your fuel consumption. Check your car manual for the recommended pressure then head to your local petrol station and use their air pump. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce your fuel consumption.

Shop around
Shopping around for petrol can save you real money. Make sure you refill when prices are low, not just when your tank is empty.Clear out the bootIf you are keeping items in your boot that you don’t need every day, like golf clubs and bowling balls, take them out. Extra weight increases fuel consumption so keeping the boot and the back seat clear of any unnecessary items can really help.

Purchase a fuel efficient car
Fuel efficient cars are great for the environment and also help reduce the financial strain of rising fuel costs.

Drive less – pay less
The obvious one of course is use your car less. Where you have to use the car, combine short trips rather than making multiple short trips. While this will save on fuel and help the environment, it could help you save on your insurance.

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