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Tips to Improve Car Engine Performance

Car engine plays an integral role in overall performance and functioning of a car. It is known to be the heart of a car which needs good maintenance and service at regular intervals of time. If periodical service is not provided to the engine it can have a direct impact on the performance levels.

Here are top 10 tips to improve car engine performance:

1. First thing to do is to increase car engine displacement as enhanced displacement will draw higher volume of air-fuel mixture and generate more power. This can be done by increasing capacity of engine cylinders.

2. You can even try and increase engine compression ratio. Higher compression ratio may lead to spontaneous bursting of the mixture to flame but it can be solved by using high octane gasoline.

3. You can use high exhaust system or add another exhaust valve to the cylinders to ease the exit of gases.

4. Make sure that the air entering the cylinder is cool so that it can expand more during combustion. It’s always good to use an intercooler that cools the compressed air before it enters the cylinder.

5. The process of fuel injection should be accurate and the fuel injected to be up to the mark. This not only improves engine efficiency but also improves fuel efficiency.

6. You can even use turbo chargers and superchargers to pressurize the air entering the cylinder, which in turn helps to improve the performance of the engine.

7. Reduce the resistance of the air that is mainly caused by downward movement of the pistons in the engine. 8. Use of air filters help reduce air resistance, which in turn improves the performance of the engine.

9. Reduce the weight of the piston as light-weight pistons consume less amount of energy for their movement and ensure smooth performance of the car engine.

10. Porting engine also helps to improve engine efficiency. This is a process that is used to modify the intake and exhaust ports of an internal combustion engine to support increase air flow, thereby improving engine performance.

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